Pricing & Curriculum

We offer flexible pricing options to accommodate different budgets, ensuring that our classes are accessible to students from all walks of life.


Foundation concepts-Sequencing, Conditional Statement etc.
1 Project Overview, Learning to
frame the logic of code.
Pattern Recognition Foundation
Concepts of Programming
Logic Framing
13 $ /- per session


Foundation concepts along with
3 Major and 5 Regular projects
Understand the fundament of how
different Gadgets/Robots work.
Application of Design and Logic to Projects
Understanding the core concepts of Electronics,
Controllers, and Programming
50 Sessions
11 $ /- per session


Foundation concepts along with
6 Major and 10 Regular projects
Understanding and Designing
Autonomous Robots
Understand the complexities of
fundament programming, functioning
behind complex Robots.
9 $ /- per session

Robotics Kit (Not Incl.) : $ 109/-

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How Our Services Different from Others?

At Melwirt, we are proud to offer cutting-edge robotics and coding classes that inspire young minds and foster a passion for technology. Our services stand out from the crowd due to our unique approach, combining innovative curriculum, experienced instructors, state-of-the-art equipment, and a commitment to individualized learning.



Introduction to Robotics and Coding: Lay the foundation with an introduction to the exciting world of robotics and coding, exploring key concepts and their real-world applications.

Certified Young Developer

Outcome: Put Logic
behind Games & Robots


Outcome: Make Real
working robot

Advance Robotics Certificate

Outcome: Use your Advance
Robots in Real Life

Certified Young Developer

Outcome : Put Logic behind Games & Robots


Outcome : Make Real working robot

Advance Robotics Certificate

Outcome : Use your Advance Robots in Real Life


Enrolling my child in robotics and coding classes was the best decision I made. Not only did they develop a passion for technology, but their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills have improved tremendously.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We at Melwirt believe in delivering quality lectures. Our curriculum is designed by professionals with over 20 years of experience in their respective fields. We provide services worldwide and offer a money-back guarantee to our customers.
Our professionals have analyzed upcoming industries and market needs for over two decades, enabling us to develop a curriculum that is essential for building a strong foundation for children and preparing them for future technological challenges. At Melwirt, students not only learn coding and robotics mechanics but also develop skills to think like inventors and leaders. Moreover, every teacher at Melwirt undergoes a meticulous four-step selection process.
We are committed to providing quality services. Our programs have received over 100 5-star ratings from parents and students. We also have a refund policy in case you encounter any issues with our classes.
We currently have over 500 reviews, which you can read on our website as well. The noticeable improvement in children’s logical abilities has greatly impressed parents, leading them to love and highly recommend Melwirt.
With our structured curriculums and enthusiastic teachers, we prioritize meticulous processes to ensure the delivery of high-quality lectures. Thus, our courses surpass the quality of any free course, which you may or may not come across.
Melwirt is an online robotics platform, and our courses are specially designed for children aged 9-20. Our teachers have expertise in early childhood coding and ensure that kids comprehend each topic effectively.
Yes, coding and robotics can significantly enhance your child’s academic performance. By engaging in algorithmic thinking, coding and robotics foster improved logic and concentration by up to 80%. This directly correlates with Mathematics and Science subjects. Additionally, your child will gain an extra advantage over other students. Many schools organize coding and robotics Olympiads and competitions, providing further opportunities for growth.
A Certified Robotics Platform Preparing Young Minds For The Future

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